OJC Rewards

Take advantage of the best player rewards program in horse racing!

All OaklawnAnywhere account holders automatically receive OJC Rewards points when placing wagers through OaklawnAnywhere, both online and over the phone. Players earn 2 points per dollar wagered on every track we offer, players can earn an additional 2 points per dollar wagered when they play Oaklawn Park. That means 4 points for every dollar wagered on Oaklawn Park!

What's New with OJC Player Rewards for OaklawnAnywhere Players?

Each issued point will remain valid for 12 months after it is earned. Points not redeemed within 12 months will automatically expire. When you redeem points, we will automatically redeem the oldest points first.

Earning Points - It is easy to know how many points you are going to earn through wagering online with OaklawnAnywhere.com

  • 4 Points per dollar wagered on Oaklawn Park
  • 2 points per dollar wagered on every other horse racing track

To check your current points balance, please click here.

Redeem Your Points for Online Wagering Credits

OaklawnAnywhere.com Players can redeem points for wagering credits.

VIP Monthly Rewards

Serious players deserve serious rewards!  In addition to all of the perks and privileges, VIP members are able to participate in the lucrative Monthly Rewards Program.  The reward multiplier is calculated based on the amount wagered during each month.


Monthly Wagering Reward Multiplier
$5,000 - $9,999 1x
$10,000 - $19,999 2x
$20,000 - $49,999 3x
$50,000 - $99,999 5x
$100,000 - $249,999 8x
$250,000+ 11x

Using the chart below as a guide:

* If a player has earned 4 points per dollar wagering at Oaklawn Park: 2 points per dollar are earned as the base points, the additional 2 points per dollar is a bonus. VIP multiplier rewards are calculated on the dollar amount wagered using the base point value, not points earned during the month.  Points earned through online promotions are also bonus points and not considered when calculating the monthly multiplier.

If OaklawnAnywhere.com Player Joe Smith has wagered $17,000 through OaklawnAnywhere.com, he would have 34,000 base points. The reward multiplier kicks in and makes his monthly reward a robust 68,000. Mr. Smith would then add his base points (34,000) with his monthly reward bonus points (68,000) to get a total of 102,000 points.

Monthly Reward Chart


Monthly Wagering Base Points Reward Multiplier Monthly Reward Points Total Points(Base & Monthly Reward)
$7,500 15,000 1x 15,000 30,000
$17,000 34,000 2x 68,000 102,000
$27,500 55,000 3x 165,000 220,000
$75,000 150,000 5x 750,000 900,000
$175,000 350,000 8x 2,800,000 3,150,000
$250,000 500,000 11x 5,500,000 6,000,000


Check your VIP Monthly Reward Points

VIP Monthly Reward points are typically added within the first five days of each month.  To check your current points balance, please click here.

All OJC Rewards points earned through OaklawnAnywhere.com are subject to the terms and conditions of the OJC Rewards program. Please click here to learn more about our terms and conditions.